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This is a visual of artist Laure Molina showing one of her artwork featuring iridescence.


Laure Molina is a French artist born in 1976, who has exhibited around the world. She has introduced many personal exhibitions in Central America, Australia, Spain, France and Santo Domingo. In France, she made her debut as an artist in a collective exhibition in the Museum of Art and History in Saint-Denis in 1996. 


Molina's father, of Blackfeet and Spanish origin, was born in North Africa. He immigrated during the Algerian War at the age of 15. It was this wound and the positioning of politics, that led her to explore the world's cultures and develop her artistic work.

​In addition to her artistic education  at the university of Paris 8 and La Sorbonne / Saint Charles for her Master's degree, Molina lived in South and Central America to enrich her artwork with the world’s native cultures between 1998 and 2004. 


Molina is celebrating 20 years since her return, two decades of developing artistic stages that evolve with the technique and media used, sharing with European people what she learned with indigenous peoples through a creative processes that integrates the viewer. Her artwork takes the form of a journey, made up of stages and guides. In 10 stages, her work represents the post-colonial period we are living through. Two concepts have taken shape: the culture of iridescence and what she calls "O.M Culture Petit Gris".

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